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Penn Presbyterian Medical Center's ICU Diary Program
Hi All,Penn Presbyterian Medical Center's has started an impressive ICU Diary program. The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article online today and in print on Sunday and it mentions the ICU Liberation ABCDEF Bundle Initiative, see the link to story below

Inspirational teen walks while on ECMO is a terrific piece on mobility! Thanks again to each of you for all you do for patients and their families! Let us know about your wins....we miss hearing f

Looking for critical care pet therapy contacts
Hi, I have been asked for contact information for critical care units that have successfully implemented pet therapy programs. If your ICU has such a program, please send your information to Thank you, Kathy Verm

Upcoming Rehab Seminar in CA
Christiane Perme is teaching a 2 day Fundamentals of ICU Rehab Seminar in Fremont CA at Washington Hospital on March 3 and 4, 2018. Her critical care rehab experience at Houston Methodist has been key in proving the success of ICU Early Mobility. We wou

Participating hospitals
Does anyone have a final list of all the hospitals that participated in the collaborative, broken down by region? Thanks, Maria Zhorne

Upcoming West Coast Rehab Seminar
UPCOMING ICU COURSE:I know this is a little early, however we will be hosting Chris Perme's course Fundamentals of ICU Rehab at our facility March 3 and 4. This is a 2 day course, 14 contact hours. She is one of the leading clinicians on Critical Care R

Scan Data From Kathy Vermoch
DropboxRead the Doc [] Find enclosed information report for your reviewFrom:Kathy Vermoch

Becker's Hospital Review: ICU Liberation in Business Literature...
Teams,2018 is going to be an important year for ICU we continue to make this a new normal for our patients and their families...slowly but surely.I am thankful to provide this "hot off the presses" (i.e., today) link to the first report ab

All,The Society of Critical Care Medicine is deeply appreciative of your efforts to implement the ICU Liberation Campaign and associated bundles in your respective ICUs. Reflecting on the work that it took each of you to start the initiative and now to su

Documentation of acceptable level of pain when using CPOT. Question?
Dear colleagues,Now, after the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 1048, pain is no longer required, by law, to be the 5th Vital sign. We are currently working on create our own policies and procedures surrounding pain assessment and management and I need to a

ICU Liberation
Christina – What was the site name for RUSH?-Brenda******************************Brenda T Pun, DNP, RNProgram Clinical ManagerVanderbilt University Medical
Transplant Centers mobility program/protocol
Thank you Heidi for the speedy answer!I have found the same thing; ICU/Critical Care is an art as well as a science that grows with time and exposure .That being said, your list would be appreciated and would certainly help me and my department.Thank you

Inquiry from SCCM ICU Liberation Committee
Good morning:The SCCM ICU Liberation Committee would like to learn whether your site has any plans to publish your findings from the ABCDEF Bundle Improvement Collaborative and/or whether you are presenting your data at the 47th Critical Care Congress in

Transplant Centers mobility program/protocol
Hell All!I hope this email goes through and if it indeed does I hope it finds you all well. My name is Jill and I am a Level II OT at a large based trauma 1 center in the south Chicago land. Our institution has a highly recognized Cardiovascular Institute

CPOT outside of the critical care environment
Hello all, I am wondering if any of you are using the CPOT outside of the critical care area. While I understand that the tool is only validated in critical care patients, we are looking at adopting CPOT across the hospital. We currently use a tool that i

Pain medication orders using CPOT values
Hello,We are looking for some guidance for developing analgesia orders using CPOT . Has anyone developed pain medication orders with CPOT parameters? If so,Would you be able to share them with usThanks in advance for your helpJoann PannoJoann M. Panno, MS

ICU culture...need to overcome
[cid:d2418bb3-abdf-4394-b1ec-b6c912beb4f0]Gabi Twitter: @HUMANIZALAUCI [1488365027270_logo]

Critical Connections
Colleagues,Happy summer everyone. Your team here at SCCM extends our regards to you and your families as you enjoy the remaining shining days ahead of this important season.Today I am sharing a posting from my colleague here at SCCM Kathy Vermoch. Kathy i

ICU Liberation Committee - July call agenda and feedback reqeusted
Hi Matt,I recorded the call for Christina so she can send out the highlights. I think the main point was for the minimal dataset, we would like to finalize it and then send it to a designer for layout. Brenda suggested to have a right call out for zooming

call for abstracts
Colleagues,Don't miss the opportunity to let your work shine. Abstracts are open for the SCCM Congress through August 2nd : A. Harmon, RRT, MBADirector, QualitySocie

Impact of "F" on "D"
Hi TeamsI shared this with the PCOR-ICU collaborative teams and wanted to be sure that you saw this article published in the June 30 issue of Critical Care Medicine from a study in Brazil on the impact of extended visitation, which was associated with red

Pet Program Success
F: FamilySo, the Pet policy revisions went out to my organization last week.One neuro stepdown nurse has started writing a protocol to explore nurse, patient, family experience with patient-pet visits.Another stepdown unit that had been sneaking in pets h

Hello Team,I was never able to get my CEUs for our final meeting. Can someone assist me with that pleaseThank youKareem Dally, MSN, RNSICU ManagerSharp Grossmont HospitalOffice (619) 740.5856Cell (858) 761-3637Fax (619) 740.3926[cid:image001

F: Family Patient Pet Visit Policy
F: FamilyA couple of months ago I asked you all for help with finding evidence to support patient's own pet visits.I want to thank those of you that sent me pictures and video links and encouragement.Today we finalized the approval of our system-wide poli